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Alzheimer’s Disease DVD Catalog

We have a selection of DVDs for the enjoyment of persons with Alzheimer’s disease. The “Nature” set of 4 DVDs has relaxing, melodic music, and a discounted price.

Nature Set of DVDs
“Spring & Summer”

Enjoy stunning scenery from the aromatic lavender fields of Provence, smile with the sunflowers and watch bees hopping from one flower to another.Sun-kissed beaches and glowing sunsets. Envelope yourself with beautiful scenes of unspoilt rivers and dramatic mountains. Set to specially composed melodic and calming music by Denise Young. 60 minutes long.

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“Butterflies & Flowers”

Enjoy amazing walks through a great variety of flower fields and watch the beautiful butterflies as they dance around the flowers, searching for nectar. See the fragile beauty of a rare passion flower and marvel at romantic roses, bright yellow sunflowers and daisies in all the colors of the rainbow. Can be enjoyed with either relaxing, ambient music or natural sounds, or both. 80 minutes long.

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Filmed at the world-famous Keukenhof Spring gardens and in the surrounding bulb fields of South Holland. Spectacular displays of tulips in every color, shape and form imaginable, delicate daffodils from pure white to the deepest gold plus a huge array of colorful mixed flowers. Set to the calming and inspiring music of Simon Daum. 75 minutes long.

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“Nature’s Soothing Beauty”

“Nature’s Soothing Beauty” is a wonderful alternative to “regular” TV programs (like news, soap operas, reality TV) that disturb and agitate persons with Alzheimer’s. A wide variety of entertaining wildlife in beautiful locations in nature, including Yellowstone National Park, wetlands in Florida, the Blue Ridge Mountains and the desert southwest. Set to pleasant melodies and familiar classical music. 45 minutes long.

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The cost of this set of 4 DVDs is discounted to $51.80 plus shipping, a savings of $8.00

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What Others Say About These DVDs
“I was looking for a long time for something like this… I was trying to give my husband some quiet, peaceful moments… These DVDs are so wonderful! Anybody who’s dealing with Alzheimer’s at home could benefit from them.”


“Our Alzheimer’s residents love these programs! It holds their attention, and we’ve had people watch these DVDs who I didn’t think would watch television any more. They seem to really enjoy watching the scenery and hearing the music.”

BeckyWyoming Nursing Home Activities Director