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"Nature's Soothing Beauty" DVD
A wonderful alternative to "regular" TV programs (like news, soap operas, reality TV) that disturb and agitate persons with Alzheimer's. 45 minutes long.
Produced specifically to help caregivers entertain, calm and relax their loved one with Alzheimer's.
A wide variety of entertaining birds and wildlife in beautiful locations in nature, including Yellowstone National Park, wetlands in Florida, the Blue Ridge Mountains and the desert southwest. Set to pleasant melodies and familiar classical music.
We will send this DVD to you at virtually no cost, so you may see if it is helpful for you and your family

Why Are So Many Caregivers Using This DVD?

This video has soothing classical music and relaxing melodies as the musical accompaniment to spectacular scenes of nature and wildlife. We understand that persons with Alzheimer's may have trouble following narration or spoken words, so this DVD has no narration, just instrumental music and natural sounds of nature. This DVD provides a wonderful alternative to "regular" TV shows that can agitate and disturb persons with Alzheimer's disease. Thousands of caregivers just like you are using our DVDs.

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This DVD has been produced specifically to help caregivers entertain, calm and relax their loved one with Alzheimer's.

Congratulations on taking a step to help with your Alzheimer’s caregiving! My name is Greg Irwin, and my company is Lake Solitude Media.

Our DVDs help create a calming and soothing environment, and help your loved one with Alzheimer's feel calm and safe.

I recently spoke with Natalie from Mystic, Connecticut who uses several of our DVDs. She told me, "These videos have been wonderful for my father-in-law who has Alzheimer's. When he gets agitated, playing one of these DVDs calms him right down, I think because there's no words on the ones I have, just big beautiful pictures of nature and soft, soothing instrumental music. Words irritate him because he understands so few of them. We sit together and watch them and they are enjoyable, even meditative, for me as well. He even exclaimed, "I like this" and later "This is good" which he NEVER says about anything. It was quite remarkable. I'm so glad I got them."

If you have tried to watch regular television with your loved one with Alzheimer's, you may have had a bad experience and seen that it is disturbing to them.

It is difficult and frustrating for them to follow the plot and remember the characters of movies, situation comedies and dramas. Most television programs are also geared these days to a younger audience and have a lot of fast paced, jarring pictures with loud music that can be quite disturbing. This is a known phenomenon.

Carol Bursack wrote an article for the website healthcentral.com entitled “How Television News Affects Dementia and Alzheimer's patients”. She describes how her father, who is a World War 2 veteran living in a care facility, is affected by TV news.

She had requested that the staff members not turn on the news on TV, but the staff would occasionally forget and leave the news on. She says in the article, “The problem was, many people like Dad couldn't tell the difference between television and reality. One of the most heartbreaking scenes I had with my dad was when I visited early one evening and he begged me to save him - to protect him. His TV program had ended and the news had come on. There was Desert Storm war footage being played out in front of Dad. He kept telling me there was a war in Fargo (where we lived). I told him no, this was just TV and this fighting was far away. Dad kept telling me not to lie to him - that I needed to protect him and get him out of there. He was afraid he would be captured.

"Many of you who've cared for people with dementia have been through similar situations, so I don't need to explain how painful this was for me. No matter what I said to Dad, in his mind there was a war in Fargo and he was frightened."

This DVD is Played on Television to Replace Regular Television Programs

"Nature's Soothing Beauty" has no story, characters or narration. The DVD is filled with scenes of nature, waterfalls, charming birds, many kinds of wildlife in pastoral settings, with many scenes of mountains, creeks, waterfalls, lakes, wild flowers, and sunsets. It is specifically designed to relieve stress, not induce stress like so much of what is on television these days.

Relaxing Music Helps Persons With Alzheimer's Disease

You have probably discovered that persons with Alzheimer's respond well to relaxing music, especially music they grew up with and enjoyed throughout their life. "Magnificent Birds" has several well known classical pieces as part of the background music, plus other relaxing melodies. There is no narration or commentary on the sound track.

You may be thinking,

“Greg, why are you qualified to make videos that people with Alzheimer's will like?”

Let me tell you how I came to produce this DVD.
I have been a professional video producer for many years, including working for NBC affiliate TV stations and producing wildlife documentaries. I live in Wyoming, which has some of the most spectacular scenery in the United States.
Several years ago, a friend of mine, who has also worked in the television industry, became the live-in caregiver of his father, who has Alzheimer's disease. You can probably relate to my friend's experience - his father's agitation, confusion, wandering and anger. Every day the father would try to leave the house to find his wife, who unfortunately had passed away years before. My friend's father also resented the fact that he needed daily care, and interfered with his son's caregiving activities. He tried letting his father watch television as a distraction, but found that “regular” TV, with its frantic news programs, scenes of conflict and war, highly emotional soap operas, and complex crime dramas just made his father more agitated.
As I mentioned, I live in Wyoming and have always enjoyed the peace and calm of our beautiful natural surroundings, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. As a video producer, I have filmed many beautiful scenes of nature and wildlife, and my friend and I began experimenting with editing video programs of nature with no story or narration for his father to watch, instead of “regular” TV.
 We found that my friend's father enjoyed the programs and they seemed to have a calming and relaxing effect, enabling my friend to have some respite to complete his caregiving and household activities like cooking and cleaning. This first video became the basis for our current DVD, “Nature's Soothing Beauty”.
I had occasion to talk to other Alzheimer's caregivers, and I explained the DVD to them and they tried it with their own family members, and had similar results. My friend Rosita became the live-in caregiver for a 74 year old woman with Alzheimer's and she told me,
“[the woman with Alzheimer's] often becomes agitated and restless throughout the day and evening. However, since I started using Lake Solitude Media's videos as a relaxation tool, my struggles have diminished considerably. The scenic views, calming music and sounds of nature have captured the woman's attention. At times she becomes calm and tranquil, and at other times she becomes sleepy and takes a nap."
Since that time, I have devoted countless hours researching the best way to serve families with a loved one with Alzheimer's disease, and producing video programs that will help calm the agitation that Alzheimer's can often induce.
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What Others Say About These DVDs
"I was looking for a long time for something like this... I was trying to give my husband some quiet, peaceful moments... These DVDs are so wonderful! Anybody who’s dealing with Alzheimer's at home could benefit from them."
"Our Alzheimer's residents love these programs! It holds their attention, and we've had people watch these DVDs who I didn't think would watch television any more. They seem to really enjoy watching the scenery and hearing the music."
BeckyWyoming Nursing Home Activities Director